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Holistic therapy: A practical approach

By: Francesca Gould

ISBN: 978-0-7487-9690-8

RRP: £25.99

Endorsed by VTCT, this comprehensive textbook is an essential guide covering core topics of aromatherapy, body massage, Indian head massage and reflexology plus the increasingly popular therapies of stone massage therapy, crystal therapy, thermal auricular therapy and reiki.

Students are encourage to investigate how these other therapies can be effective and enhance the results achieved with aromatherapy, massage and reflexology.


Chapter 1 - Anatomy and physiology
Cells ~ Skin ~ Skeletal system ~ Muscular system ~ The cardiovascular system ~ The lymphatic system ~ The nervous system ~ Endocrine system ~ The respiratory system ~ The digestive system ~ The reproductive systems ~ Breasts ~ Urinary system

Chapter 2 - Body Massage

History of massage ~ What is massage? ~ Benefits of massage ~ Contraindications ~ Preparing for massage treatment ~ Massage techniques ~ Neuromuscular techniques (NMT) ~ Lymphatic drainage massage ~ Mediums ~ Palpation ~ Full body massage ~ Body massage routine at a glance ~ Adverse reactions, also known as healing crisis ~ Aftercare advice ~ Considerations and modifications to the massage treatment and other types of physical therapy

Chapter 3 - Aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy? ~ History of aromatherapy ~ Aromatherapy in the modern world ~ Medicinal drugs ~ Aromatherapy and safety ~ Using the essential oils ~ How essential oil molecules enter the body ~ Blending the oils ~ Carrier oils ~ Understanding the essential oils ~ Essential oil notes ~ How long will the treatment take? ~ Contraindications ~ Essential oils and conditions reference chart

Chapter 4 - Reflexology

History of reflexology ~ What is reflexology? ~ The reflexologist ~ Who can benefit? ~ How does reflexology work? ~ Benefits and uses of reflexology ~ The reflexology treatment ~ Contraindications and cautions ~ Reflexology foot charts ~ Zone lines ~ Transverse zones ~ Meridian theory ~ Cross reflexes and referral areas ~ Giving a reflexology treatment ~ Hand and ear reflexology ~ Hand reflexology ~ Auricular therapy ~ Interpreting the feet and giving clients advice ~ Reading the feet ~ Indications and sensations felt during treatment ~ Interpreting nail colour and condition ~ Advice regarding healing responses, also known as adverse reactions ~ Reflexology and medical conditions

Chapter 5 - Consultation and Treatment Planning

The professional therapist ~ Preparing the treatment room ~ Equipment and materials ~ Consultation ~ Contraindications ~ Referral letter to client’s doctor ~ Handling referral data from professional sources ~ Protecting yourself from negative energies ~ Grounding ~ Dietary and exercise advice ~ Case study guidelines ~ Stress and its causes ~ Healthy breathing and breathing exercises ~ Meditation ~ Relaxation exercises ~ Visualisation in Holistic Therapy: A Practical Approach

Chapter 6 - Indian Head Massage

History of Indian head massage ~ What is Indian head massage? ~ Physiological and emotional benefits of Indian head massage ~ Use of oils ~ Scalp oil massage ~ The use of oils during treatment ~ The massage routine ~ Indian head massage and marma points ~ Hair and its care ~ Adverse reactions ~ The chakra system ~ Auras

Chapter 7 - Stone Massage

History of stone massage therapy ~ Stones and massage ~ Benefits of using hot and chilled stones ~ The stones ~ Oils ~ Hygiene and the stones ~ Re-energising the stones ~ Equipment checklist ~ Contraindications to stone massage treatment ~ The stone massage treatment ~ The stone massage routine ~ Adverse reactions (contraactions)

Chapter 8 - Crystal Therapy

Introduction to crystals ~ How does crystal therapy work? ~ Crystals ~ Crystal shapes ~ Wands ~ Storing crystals ~ Contraindications ~ How to use the crystals ~ How to choose which crystals to use ~ Cleansing crystals ~ Re-energising crystals ~ Chakra stone layout ~ Adverse reactions ~ Homecare advice ~ Crystals and other therapies

Chapter 9 - Thermal Auricular Therapy

History ~ What is thermal auricular therapy? ~ Description of the candles ~ Ingredients of ear candles ~ Benefits of thermal auricular therapy ~ The structure of the ear ~ Common problems of the ear and head ~ Ear wax ~ The thermal auricular therapy treatment ~ Aftercare advice ~ Reactions that may occur during or after the treatment ~ Reading the candles ~ Head and face massage ~ Acupressure points of the face

Chapter 10 - Reiki

Introduction to Reiki ~ Five principles ~ The Reiki treatment ~ Two rules of Reiki ~ Benefits of Reiki ~ Contraindications ~ Reiki training ~ The three symbols ~ Distance healing (also known as absent healing) ~ Self healing with Reiki ~ Reiki treatment routine ~ Adverse reactions ~ Reiki and other therapies

Chapter 11 - Health, safety and setting up in business

Legislation and regulations ~ Codes of practice and codes of ethics ~ Insurance ~ Starting a holistic therapy business