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AQA Extended Project Companion

By: Mary James

ISBN: 978-1-4085-0408-6

RRP: £12.99

AQA approved. If you're studying for the Extended Project as an extension to your post-16 studies or as part of your Diploma qualification at Level 3, this book will support you with practical advice and study tips to support your independent project work.

Structured to reflect your journey through the Extended Project, this book will make it easier for you to:

  • Identify an area of interest and plan out your project so as to meet schedule and specification requirements
  • Develop your research skills including record keeping, using the internet effectively, selecting sources, and evaluating your evidence
  • Draft a project report and select the best techniques to present your work
  • Formulate the right questions to ask your Supervisor and how to get the most out of your project review meetings.


Chapter 1: Project Management Skills: starting out
Chapter 2: Project Management Skills: researching the project
Chapter 3: Project Management Skills: producing the project product
Chapter 4: Presenting your project
Chapter 5: Finalising and submitting your project