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functional skills progress english entry level 3 -level 1

By: John Meed and Anna Rossetti

ISBN: 978-1-4085-1574-7

RRP: £200 +VAT

Affordable VLE content for Functional Skills English Entry Level 3 to Level 1, targeted at level progression and mixed ability teaching.

Completely Moodle compatible, this VLE content includes a wealth of resources based on everyday functional scenarios, including activity source material, worksheets, interactive activities and detailed tutor notes.

  • The only resources focused explicitly on progression
  • The only resources designed for use in mixed-ability classrooms
  • Clear, concise lesson planning advice and instructions
  • Customisable resources to meet your needs.

Sample Contents:


Waste, recycling and renewable energy
Don't bin it
Rutland recycling
Recycling creatively
Plastic facts and figures
Renewable energy
Renewable technologies

Consumer rights
Your rights as a consumer
Advice on consumer rights
Buying a printer
Safe internet shopping
Cancelling a phone contract
How to complain

Cooking and eating out
Cuts of beef
How to prepare food safely
Restaurant reviews
Your breakfast
Dorset apple cake

Getting away
Bath Thermae Spa
Spa breaks
Rides at Alton Towers
My holiday hell
Top places to visit around the world


Waste, recycling and renewable energy
Create less waste
Generating electricity
Reduce waste and recycling

Consumer rights
Letter of complaint
Door-to-door selling
Buying a car

Cooking and eating out
Food quiz
Eating out
Balzano's continental stores
Your favourite shop
Writing a recipe

Getting away
Booking a flight
Confirming a visit
Top places
A great day out

Speaking, listening and communication

Waste, recycling and renewable energy
Thinking about renewable energy
Recycling options
Talking rubbish

Consumer rights
What went wrong
Second hand car
Buying a printer
Know your rights
Watching TV

Cooking and eating out

Talking food
Restaurant role play
Planning where to eat
Customer service

Getting away
Tamworth to London
Booking a ticket
Planning a day out
Types of transport
Away from it all
Hotel receptionist